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CUID offers students a platform to explore international development in depth. Our events and flagship ‘Vision’ magazine provide 360 degree perspectives on key issues, encouraging students to think, learn, and write critically about development. We also help students form the connections to launch impactful careers and pursue pathways to making a real difference

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By Tads Ciecierski-Holmes and George Holmes, artwork by Ryan Ward. Many of us students experienced a stressful week in mid-March as the flood of COVID-19 emails came through from the...

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An Unlikely Villain

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International Development

An Unlikely Villain

by Emma Starink For parts of the world experiencing a combination of both a humanitarian crisis and terrorism, international aid efforts are almost guaranteed to...

Humanitarian aid or development projects?

by Naomi Gammon Boasting full moon parties, sandy beaches and gleaming temples, Thailand is renowned as a popular and safe holiday destination. The growing tourism...

Sixty Years After the Cuban Missile Crisis – Martin E. Hellman

Sixty Years After the Cuban Missile Crisis Author of Report: Prof. Martin E. Hellman, Stanford University Introduction & Artwork by: Ryan Ward, Cambridge...

The Politics of Imperialism: How the legacy of colonialism drove the depoliticization of international development

Published by Francesca Farrington and artwork by Ryan Ward International development is haunted by the spectre of colonialism. In the critical scholarship on international development...

Foreign aid: a humanitarian development initiative or a geopolitical tool?

Published: Louise Chatterton, and artwork by Ryan Ward Foreign aid is undoubtedly a divisive topic in international development. If handled effectively, foreign aid has the...



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An Unlikely Villain


CUiD is committed to providing a stimulating and non-partisan platform for debate on issues of international development. We do this by organising speaker events in which leading figures from academia, government and industry share their experiences to inspire and inform students. In the past we have hosted former CEOs of Oxfam and academics leading in fields such as politics, geography and development studies.