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Why a pound spent sponsoring CUiD is a pound well-spent

CUiD is committed to providing a stimulating and non-partisan platform for debate on issues of international development. We do this by organising speaker events in which leading figures from academia, government and industry share their experiences to inspire and inform students. In the past we have hosted former CEOs of Oxfam and academics leading in fields such as politics, geography and development studies.

Additionally, CUiD distributes a free biannual magazine called Vision which is circulated throughout the colleges and faculties of the University and widely read. Not only does this provide students with the opportunity to publish their own original work and hone their thoughts on development, but they also have the opportunity to write pieces in response to the term’s theme, truly engaging with the fine-grain of development issues.

However, all this doesn’t happen by itself. To encourage students to stay and debate ideas we provide drinks and nibbles at all our events. We reimburse our speakers for any travel cost to Cambridge. Publishing a 24-page high quality magazine is also expensive. In short, funding is needed to make CUiD happen. Without sponsoring we would not be able to to what we do. So in order for us to provide the platform to students we strive to be, we need to ask for your help. Are our funds going to be spent recklessly? No. We are a highly transparent society and publish all our annual accounts, set ourselves strict budgets and always get multiple offers before we spend our funds.

We believe that creating truly global citizens does not just mean to care about the world and be active in charities with one’s one labour and finances. Rather, one has to be able to make up one’s mind about issues such as poverty, conflict and the impact of climate change. If that is not the case, development is always going to be about other people’s suffering, rather than humanity’s shared journey to a better future. We are united in our belief that development needs bright young minds to make that journey possible. That is why we do what we do.

Please email us at treasurer@cuid.org to get to know more about sponsoring.